The convergence of art and film is something that sits near and dear to my heart. Finding that balance between technical abilities and pure creative storytelling is what defines an editor who is dedicated to their craft.

As an editor, my approach is tailored to every edit. I will never edit two different projects with the same style or template, ever. I listen to my director and I take their vision seriously, being both a creative bouncing board and a set of hands for the director's ideas. Honestly, what excites me is the perfect harmony of pacing, scoring, dialogue, composition, color, sound design, and message all tugging at the audience's attention and heartstrings. 


Amazon Sizzle Reel | All Hands Event (2020)

Mind Wide Open | Web Series 

Peterson Cheese: Our Story | Ad Campaign

KIND TV | Ep. "HOPE Against Human Trafficking" "A Veteran’s Huge Surprise" 

Creatirx Performs | Performance Art 


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