Finding that balance between technical abilities and pure creative storytelling is what defines an editor who is dedicated to their craft. If you're focusing on the program specs, you're missing the post of the story; if you've got an idea for a good edit, but don't know the right way to make it happen, you're not there yet. In everything I do, I strive for balance and precision (not to mention organization). 

The convergence of art and film is something that sits near and dear to my heart. A professional painter for 8 years, a bookworm, and a cinephile, my relationship with storytelling comes from deep within my soul. My first obsession with film came from exploring the endless well of out-of-the-box, avant-garde, obscure, fantastic, experimental arthouse films - Jean Cocteau, Maya Deren, Federico Fellini, Jan Svankmajer, Luis Brunel, David Lynch, and on and on. 

As an editor, my approach is tailored to every edit. I will never edit two different projects with the same style or "template," ever. Each director, cinematographer, creative producer - everybody - makes their mark on a story, and working with so many different influences makes it a new experience every time. I listen to my director and I take their vision seriously, being both a creative bouncing board and a set of hands for the director's ideas. I'm never shy from calling it what it is, if it's a bad idea or style choice, but you bet I'll stay just as optimistic as I am honest. 

The sleek, vivid world of fashion advertising, the poignant world of political ads, the expressive world of commercial brands, the mysterious ebb-and-flow of a crime doc, the perfect timing of a comedy, the soul-deep character-arches of a drama, the nostalgia of old analog films ... each with an infinite amount of stories to tell. What excites me is the perfect harmony of pacing, scoring, dialogue, composition, color, sound design, and message all tugging at the audience's attention and heartstrings. 

Awards: "We" Political Ad Campaign, Gold Pollie Award "Best Comgressional Ad 2018" 

A City in Crisis: Homeless in Seattle (2020) Feature Documentary

An Underneath of Night (2020) Short Film

TomboyX Fashion Ad Campaign 2019

Peterson Cheese Ad series 2020

Speed Freaks: The Science of Speed (2017) Pilot TV Episode, dir. Jeremiah Kaynor

KIND TV - Ep. "HOPE Against Human Trafficking" "A Veteran’s Huge Surprise"  "A Gift of Love for Preston Scott" "Stockings for the Homeless"  "Mickey's Birthday Wish – World War 2 Survivor"

Creatirx Performs (2019) Performance Art promo

The Adversary (2019) Music Video promo


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