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I specialize in post-production color grading services for film and TV advertising. At Formosa Interactive Seattle, I come with a team of post producers, color suite, color-calibrated monitors, and a team of video and audio specialists to support every project. 

Colorist Commercial Color grade 1
Colorist Commercial Color grade 4
Colorist Commercial Color grade 5
Colorist Commercial Color grade 6
Colorist Commercial Color grade 7
Colorist Commercial Color grade 8
Colorist Commercial Color grade 9
Colorist Commercial Color grade 10
Colorist Commercial Color grade 12
Colorist Commercial Color grade 13
Colorist Commercial Color grade 14

2016 - 2018

I was introduced to color grading while working freelance for Corvus Eye Media and KIND TV after I graduated college with a degree in Arts and Science at Bellevue College. During this time I took on episodic web projects and short films, as well as working on set as Assistant Director, Camera Assistant, and DIT for both corporate and independent productions in the Seattle area.   

Colorist Film Color grade 1
Colorist Film Color grade 2
Colorist Film Color grade 3
Colorist Film Color grade 4
Colorist Film Color grade 5
Colorist Film Color grade 6
Colorist Film Color grade 7
Colorist Film Color grade 8
Colorist Film Color grade 9
Colorist Film Color grade 10
Colorist Film Color grade 11
Colorist Film Color grade 12

2018 - 2020   


I worked at Seattle's post production house Clatter&Din, where I was their sole video editor and colorist. I learned Davinci Resolve during this time while I was introduced to commercial projects for Eddie Bauer, Amazon, The North Face, T-Mobile, MOD Pizza, as well as narrative short films. In 2019 Clatter&Din hired me on staff. I edited, conformed, color graded, and worked with Clatter&Din's audio department implementing audio mixes from stereo, to 5.1, ultimately performing all final renders to spec for broadcast and streaming platforms.


I did an abundance of sky alterations, rotoscoping, and look development on Eddie Bauer's showpiece documentary Breathtaking K2: The World's Most Dangerous Mountain in 2020, the year I also worked on Patagonia's documentary Drop – Water Connects Us All, Amazon's All Hands sizzle reel for the second year in a row, and Lily Cornell Silver's award-winning Mind Wide Open web series.

Colorist Documentary Color grade 1
Colorist Documentary Color grade 2
Colorist Documentary Color grade 3
Colorist Documentary Color grade 4
Colorist Documentary Color grade 5
Colorist Documentary Color grade 6
Colorist Documentary Color grade 7
Colorist Documentary Color grade 8
Colorist Documentary Color grade 9
Colorist Documentary Color grade 10
Colorist Documentary Color grade 11
Colorist Documentary Color grade 12

2021 - 2023

When Clatter&Din was bought by industry-leading post-production powerhouse Formosa Group, a Streamland Media company, my direct team and I became Formosa Interactive Seattle. Ever since then, I've been a part of a worldwide network of incredible post-production professionals within Streamland Media's PictureShop, PictureHead, The Mill, and Ghost VFX, spanning the US, Canada, and the UK. I continue to work on long- and short-form content in the film and advertising industry while many of my colleagues in Seattle specialize in Interactive and gaming content.

During this time I have color graded Valve's documentary True Sight: The International Finals 2021, John Deere's documentary Odd Hours, No Pay, Cool Hat, The North Face's commercial Same Same, short films Auspicious (Grant Slater), Kanashimi (Michael Horwitz), Trill (Christiana Wu), and Lioness (Nicole Pouchet), Copacino Kujicado's commercial for Medicare, Amazon Music's All Hands presentation for their Latin Music and Podcast divisions, and Amazon's Handcrafted web series episodes 1-3, and more.   

Colorist Music Video Color grade 1
Colorist Music Video Color grade 2
Colorist Music Video Color grade 3
Colorist Music Video Color grade 4
Colorist Music Video Color grade 5
Colorist Music Video Color grade 6
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