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I specialize in post-production color grading services for film and TV advertising. With a love for cinema as an art form, I pull inspiration from TV series, Arthouse film, fashion advertising, poetic filmmaking, and nature documentaries,. Color influences the entire tone of any narrative, and when an unforgettable story has a unique color palette and entire mood, I find it hard to get out of my head. I was introduced to color grading while working for Corvus Eye Media and KIND TV after I graduated college, taking on episodic projects and short films from 2016-2018. 

From 2018-2021 I worked at Seattle's post production house Clatter&Din, where I was their sole video editor and colorist. I learned Davinci Resolve during this time, while I was handed commercial projects for Eddie Bauer, Amazon, The North Face, T-Mobile, MOD Pizza, as well as narrative short films. As both online and offline editor, I edited, conformed, color graded, and worked with Clatter&Din's audio department implementing audio mixes from stereo to 5.1, ultimately performing all final renders to spec for broadcast and streaming platforms. I did endless sky replacements, rotoscoping, and secondary grades on Eddie Bauer's showpiece documentary Breathtaking K2: The World's Most Dangerous Mountain in 2020, the year I also worked on Lily Cornell Silver's award-winning Mind Wide Open web series for a year and a half.

In January 2021, Clatter&Din was bought by industry-leading post-production powerhouse Formosa Group (a Streamland Media company), whereby me and my team became Formosa Interactive Seattle. Ever since then, I've been continuing to edit and grade short films, documentaries, and commercials, while being a part of a worldwide network of incredible post-production professionals. 

Colorist Commercial Color grade 1
Colorist Commercial Color grade 2
Colorist Commercial Color grade 3
Colorist Commercial Color grade 4
Colorist Commercial Color grade 5
Colorist Commercial Color grade 6
Colorist Commercial Color grade 7
Colorist Commercial Color grade 8
Colorist Commercial Color grade 9
Colorist Commercial Color grade 10
Colorist Commercial Color grade 11
Colorist Commercial Color grade 12
Colorist Commercial Color grade 13
Colorist Commercial Color grade 14



The Evolution of The Down Jacket (2020) | Eddie Bauer Commercial

MOD Squad | MOD Pizza Promotional Video  

Tomboy X = Pride 2019 | Ad Series

Same Same | Smith x North Face Promotional Video
Eddie Bauer X Karla Collaboration (2020) | Eddie Bauer Commercial
Fineline, Freshline (2019) | Eddie Bauer Commercial

Seattle Aquarium | Promotional Video

Peterson Cheese: Our Story | Promotional Video

Colorist Film Color grade 1
Colorist Film Color grade 2
Colorist Film Color grade 3
Colorist Film Color grade 4
Colorist Film Color grade 5
Colorist Film Color grade 6
Colorist Film Color grade 7
Colorist Film Color grade 8
Colorist Film Color grade 9
Colorist Film Color grade 10
Colorist Film Color grade 11
Colorist Film Color grade 12

Auspicious (2022) | Short Film, dir. Grant Slater

Navigate (2018) | Short Film, dir. Kim Drake

The Botanist (2020) | Short Film, dir. Giancarlo Tocchini, Kyle Doohan

Jackpot | Short Film, dir. Jerimiah Goad

Lioness (2022) | Short Film, dir. Nicole Pouchet

Trill (2022) | Short Film, dir. Christiana Wu

Underneath the Night (2021) | Short Film, dir. Tess Stuart

Colorist Documentary Color grade 1
Colorist Documentary Color grade 2
Colorist Documentary Color grade 3
Colorist Documentary Color grade 4
Colorist Documentary Color grade 5
Colorist Documentary Color grade 6
Colorist Documentary Color grade 7
Colorist Documentary Color grade 8
Colorist Documentary Color grade 9
Colorist Documentary Color grade 10
Colorist Documentary Color grade 11
Colorist Documentary Color grade 12

Breathtaking: K2 (2020) | Eddie Bauer Documentary

Drop (2021) | Documentary, dir. Liam Gallagher and Hilary Hutcheson 

Colorist Music Video Color grade 1
Colorist Music Video Color grade 2
Colorist Music Video Color grade 3
Colorist Music Video Color grade 4
Colorist Music Video Color grade 5
Colorist Music Video Color grade 6

Be Counted | Music Video 

Creatrix Performs | Performance Art

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