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I believe the goal of any colorist is technical efficiency, great communication, and pure creativity. Above all, I value innovation and happy clients.


While raised in Seattle, WA, a common thread throughout my life has always been art, movies, stories, computers, and technology, and what I have found in post-production is a wonderful blend of each of these.  In the past, I've worked for creative agency Clatter&Din and Formosa Group / Streamland Media. 

My long-form work as a colorist is featured in John Deere’s Odd Hours, No Pay, Cool Hat documentary (2022), Eddie Bauer’s documentary Breathtaking – K2: The World’s Most Dangerous Mountain (2020), Patagonia’s documentary Drop – Water Connects Us All (2021), and Valve’s Dota tournament True Sight: The International Finals (2021). My commercial clients include Eddie Bauer, The North Face, TomboyX, Mod Pizza, Patagonia, and Amazon.

I'm currently based in Atlanta, GA, and I'm available for freelance work worldwide. 

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