I specialize in color grading for narrative Film & TV, surrounding both long-form and short-form projects. I firmly believe in streamlined technical workflow, communication, and pure creativity as the goal of the colorist. I am a constant learner. Most simply put, I value innovation and happy clients.  

I am also a video editor by trade, and I am currently the lead colorist and video editor at post-production house, Formosa Interactive Seattle (formerly known as Clatter&Din). With a special interest in narrative TV series and film, I have specific goals in that area of the industry. My most recent work as a colorist is featured in the Eddie Bauer Documentary Breathtaking: K2 - The World's Most Dangerous Mountain. My love for fashion media, experimental arthouse film, and music videos brings excitement to my work in that field.

I love what I do. Although currently based in Seattle, WA, I am open to work worldwide.

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Color Managed Workflows

Remote Grading

Color Calibration

Film Emulation

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