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Be Counted

Music Video, Tacoma Refugee Choir 

Be Counted is a music video written and created by the Tacoma Refugee Choir - and every time I look back on this one, I beam with joy. When I was working for Clatter&Din, this was the project where I met director, Laila Kazmi, who I’ve worked closely with for many years since this. Alongside Laila, I worked with the Artistic Director of the choir, Erin Guinup, who was a wonderful client to have due to her eye for elevating the piece.


     I made specific use of my video scopes , being sure the saturation levels of the reds were sitting correctly, and the hue of the skin tones was working in harmony with the clothes, the set pieces, and the highlights were okay within an SDR viewing color space. 


     After Laila and Erin locked the edit with me in-studio, I graded the project remotely, passing .mov links their way, and the review cycle happened over phone and email. Their team was fantastic to work with, easygoing, and I’m very happy with how it turned out!

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