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Mountain, color grade, Eddie Bauer documentary

Breathtaking: K2 - The World's Most Dangerous Mountain

Documentary, Eddie Bauer

Breathtaking: K2 was my first long-form film project, occurring right before the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. Eddie Bauer's team came to Clatter&Din for color and audio, and while I was color grading away, a few steps down the hall my colleague Sam Gray was mixing away on the film's audio. It was an exciting project for multiple reasons, one being this film was celebrating Eddie Bauer's 100th anniversary, and I'd heard it was a film that almost never happened because a select few didn't know if there was enough footage to turn it into a story (there was). 

     In between coordinating the schedule and milestone reviews with my post producers, we spent deliberate time in the conform process. When I received the film, I was greeted with the aspects that were going to constitute its course of events in the color room: the whiteness of the snow, the saturation levels of the sky, and certainly the product appearances of Eddie Bauer's backpacks, tents, and clothing items. I used an ACEScct color-managed workflow to make use of the various camera types without needing color management applied on a node-level, and to accommodate the open possibility for the film's end spec requirements. I found that the ACES workflow worked really well for me, my first chance to put it to use on a long-form project and not just for short-form media. 

     It was wonderful to work with the Eddie Bauer team on this film. After handing off the final file and being able to sit in on one of their audio mixing sessions, I got to see the film released on Eddie Bauer's YouTube channel shortly thereafter, and I was delighted to see its well reception.  

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