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True Sight: The International Finals 2021

Game Tournament, Documentary, Valve

True Sight is a documentary series going behind the scenes of the journeys of professional Dota 2 teams. In 2022 I had the pleasure of grading the 2021 finals, being the first gaming-related content I've color graded. I worked closely with their editorial team during the conform process and we hit the ground running on a tight schedule. Using a mixture of RED footage, drone footage, broadcast coverage, in-game footage, and interstitial GoPro clips, shot-matching was our main goal, while we explored more cinematic looks for the RED footage. 

     I learned on this project the high importance of process efficiency, that when working long days and putting in overtime you want any repetitive actions to be as easily accomplished - to do so, I had to be highly organized in my use of stills albums, powergrades, and updating these per the changing versions, changing lighting scenarios, and changing camera types.


     The Valve editorial team for this project came into the studio at Formosa Interactive Seattle to have a color session with me, after exchanging notes on each quarter of the film as I completed them remotely; we had a great time in-session, and walked out of it with a completed film. It was released online about a week later, with final graphics and in-game b-roll added by the editor, as well as sound mix, and it was wonderful to see this awesome project out in the world. 

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