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Peterson Cheese


I got to work on these web commercials for Peterson Cheese, being both the editor and colorist, working alongside the creative production team at Corvus Eye Media, Director Jeremiah Kaynor and DP Brent Barrie. Once the film production was wrapped, I was given the raw material to make what I wanted - sifting through interview material and broll, shot in a mixture of Blackmagic Raw, Go Pro .mp4, and DJI Prores. 


     With the dynamic range of the Blackmagic cameras, I found myself battling the saturation levels on the interview shots. To this day, depending on what monitor you viewing on, the pink hue of the opening interview shots look alarming, and overboard in noisy saturation - a technical detail which I’ve pointedly refined in my work since. 


     Other than this aspect, the footage was extremely fun to work with, and I always have a great time grading glamour shots of food. Once we refined the edit with the team at Peterson Cheese, we graded the spots and delivered ahead of schedule, resulting in these spots which made everyone on the team ecstatic.

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